Washing Window Coverings

But she'd just sit there her legs holding
Onto the wall beneath her and push her
Right hand holding the damp cloth
Over the glass while her left hand held
The metal bucket tight swishing the warm
Water as she moved back and forth like
Some lone trapeze artist on the high wire
Without apparent fear or knowledge of
Was going on in the street below with the

The roots will simply make their way through the cardboard into the soil beneath. Autumn up here on the mountain is a lot like winter where you live.
Fortunately, my house has a greenhouse window where I can grow a few things. It puts a stop to all outdoor gardening, aside from the annual trimming of the roses and other bushes, trees and shrubs.
So I planted some beets, cucumbers and such in cardboard egg cartons, so I can transfer the seedlings to a large container without having to pull out the tender shoots.
Here's a photo, taken from outside on my front porch:

The number of injuries and deaths has not significantly declined since the standards were enacted in 2001. Unfortunately, there are still unsafe products on the market. According to the CPSC, new safety standards for the cords of window blinds were enacted to attempt to prevent future deaths.

I've been posting about odd things happening while I am stuck here. of course my cameras batteries are dead)
A beautiful lady walking down the road in her wedding dress!~ *true story* I go to the doctor today for my knee. And now you wont believe what I just saw.

Why do I hide?
The open window taunts
Whispering the joys of outdoors
Calling me to that world I'll never know
The glass is tear - stained and hazy
All sights become surreal
Outside beckons
Shut in

Hurricane panels and accordion folding are more strong and wind resistant than these films. Hurricane window films do keep the glass together if it breaks due to some reason. There are better options available in the market that can protect you better from hurricane.

You can go to mysimon.com and find what it shows as the best price for a specific product. I can tell you that at least half the time I go there, the price shown in the search results was not the actual total cost. And it can't show you that you can get a better deal on a similar product with different specs. This site shows multiple shopping sites in a single browser window. The "best deal" may not be on a single product. And there's another catch. You can easily find your best deal for each e-store (no markup, no estimates--your actual cost), until you find your best deal. But it only shows what it thinks to be the actual total price. And this site does comparison shopping for practically everything!

We don't even think about the cords and the danger they pose to children. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), window blinds have been responsible for the deaths of over 768 children since 1980. They are used under the drapery in other styles of home d