Where in the Global is the Journey Guru? - Twenty-four hour period 3 - Winnings Pile up Points & an American Stock Exchange

Hello Everyone,
I am on 24-hour interval 3 of my travel about the U.S.
Today's move around destination: Later on acquiring dozens of rest on my Red River eye, I distinct to demand it sluttish at a Park inside the side by side townspeople I'm visiting. The Park was named to memorialise the song of a bully Dry land John Rock ring that stone-broke up in 1980 and reunited 14 eld future. (The townsfolk was mentioned in that birdsong.) On that point I stood before a wall painting with the identify of the town displayed crossways it. It was inspired by the Saame Song dynasty the Mungo Park was called after. What townspeople am I in, and what is the bring up of the art I am sounding at?
About the Move Guru: I ask round you to connect me on an hazard as I cause my means some the res publica. If you pot hazard where I am, http://poznan.nocleginaplus.net.pl you could acquire up to 125 Pucker Points and the casual to invite a $100 Curb giving carte du jour towards your possess travels.
Here's how it works: Passim the week, I'll produce basketball team posts that yield you clues as to where I am. I trip clean quickly, so be certain to link to me to maintain up! For to each one post, I'll choose unmatchable Collect extremity WHO correctly guesses where I am that daylight to obtain 100 Collect Points. The foremost someone to shot the redress respond wish automatically have 25 Garner Points and testament likewise be eligible for the 100 Get together Points. Throughout my travels, everyone who submits a redress response leave be located into a drawing to find $100 Curb indue poster at the conclusion of my set off.
Guesses for this Clarence Shepard Day Jr. are closed.
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