Why is torguard regarded the greatest


TorGuard VPN is a VPN support from US, Florida (according to their TOS), focusing on torrent/P2P VPN marketplace. They offer Proxy services for Torrent Anonymity, full-highlighted VPN solutions as well as an Anonymous E Mail Service with complete PGP Encryption. Let's dig a bit deeper:

They supply VPN entry (up to 5 simultaneous connections) on 40 servers in 7 nations: USA, UK, Netherlands, Canada, Romania, Switzerland, Russian Federation. They also provide SOCKS5 and Proxy entry to make use of with BitTorrent clients. That Is an excellent inclusion to the common VPN support, as consumers - http://Www.bing.com/search?q=consumers&form=MSNNWS&mkt=en-us&pq=consumers don't have to be connected - http://www.ehow.com/search.html?s=connected to the VPN if they wish to transfer something over P2P networks. 128 and 256 bit encryption is being used by their OpenVPN setup. TorGuard also supplies a safe webmail option that is using PGP encryption.

As a VPN feature addon, they enable customers to work with a dedicated IP address boundless port forwarding for $7.99. That's kind of costly if you request us.


You get a Viscosity Assemble for the OpenVPN feature, complete using a valid license key and it come pre-configured with all their servers. Viscosity is a mature, complete-showcased OpenVPN client that provides reliable connectivity and detailed statistics about your connection times and TorGuard gets some bonus points in this respect.

If you don't desire to utilize Viscosity you can download their Custom assemble dialer program, called TorGuard Lite. This gives OpenVPN connectivity with pre-shared server lists. You do not get the sophisticated data that Viscosity Offers and naked in mind this is a Java-based program so you'll have to install a Java Run-Time prior to first run (the installer will obtain the newest Java Runtime for you).
TorGuard Lite is readily available for Linux, Mac OS X and Windows.

If you are interested in the Torrent Proxy solutions, you are able to download and make use of a pre-configured Torrent Consumer. If you are utilizing Windows, you can chose between Deluge and uTorrent but Mac OS X and Linux users have to settle for Deluge as the go-to proxy'd torrent customer.

Interestingly enough, TorGuard offers a pre-configured OpenVPN customer for Android users too, available in two releases, for both Android 4.0 or latter and pre-4.0 consumers.

TorGuard scores high in our graphs since they give you a big collection of dialer applications that covers all major OS'es and utilization. While there's no pre-configured OpenVPN customer for iOS, TorGuard has a pre-configured GuizmoVPN dialer for jailbroken devices, available trough the Cydia Shop. So no (official) OpenVPN assistance for the majority of iOS Consumers that do not have jailbroken devices.

All background and cellular users can connect trough PPTP/L2TP protocols and there are lots of step-by-step guides on TorGuard's web page for most leading operating systems and apparatuses (including DD WRT routers and Boxee Box users)

The Torrent Proxy tutorials are offered as well, on-line on their web site and in .pdf format for off-line reading. They protect the set up systems for all major browsers, apps and apparatuses (Chrome, Safari, Opera, Firefox, Ie, Skype.com, Boxee Box, Vuze, uTorrent, BitTorrent and Deluge).

TorGuard is one of the most well-certificated VPN/Anonymity service we encountered so far.

The prices begin from $5.95/month for the Torrent Proxy and $9.99 /month for the complete-highlighted VPN support and go only $3.95 /month and $4.99/moth respectively in the event you opted to get an one-yr subscription.

Payment methods: Charge Card, Google Checkout, Paypal, Bitcoin, OKPay.

They're also selling routers which are compatible with OpenVPN (DD WRT and Tomato firmwares)
Logging and Privacy

The Privacy states that TorGuard - http://rogelio2570nv.pen.io/ gathers both personal advice input while purchasing the services and site tracking info. Said advice will likely be produced available "to third parties when, in our good faith judgment, we're obligated to do so under relevant laws."
Speed and Reliability

Since TorGuard is a service targeting P2P consumers, we determined to do all our speedtests with BitTorrent, downloading Linux ISOs seeded by several users to get greatest speeds. Speed on Netherlands servers averaged between 700KB/sec and 1MB/sec. Not bad, but it might have already been better. Canadian servers were somewhat faster, averaging between 1MB/second and 1.5MB/sec, reaching a maximum speed of 2MB/sec. Romanian servers were the fastest in our tests, readily averaging 2.5MB/second, spiking around 3.5MB/second every now and then.

Some screen shots from Viscosity traffic graphs showing the speeds we reached in our evaluations.

TorGuard Canada VPN:canadavpn

TorGuard Netherlands VPN:netherlandsvpn

TorGuard Romania VPN:romaniavpn

VPN connections were reputable and we didn't confront any disconnect problems while remaining joined for a few days of absolute use (1 to 5 hrs per session)

TorGuard provides 24*7 help accessible trough a ticketing system and web-chat.

Plenty of hosts in a variety of geographical regions, particularly no DMCA-favorable nations
Well recorded installment for apparatuses and several leading OS'es
License for Viscosity VPN client that is by far the finest OpenVPN client out there
P2P permitted
Pricing is perhaps not bad: quarterly and yearly plans are cheaper than many opponents
They accept BitCoinVPN velocity is not bad, but it might have been better
Their TOS is so long to examine: an outline will be pleasant
Although the key word "anonymity" is every where on their website, they ask for too many details during signup:


Closing Notes: TorGuard is a solid VPN provider however they should raise server/bandwidth capacity a little. They must also supply some clearer TOS/Privacy because nobody ain't got time to examine enormous walls of texts. We don't enjoy that the ask for numerous signup particulars, while advocating namelessness everywhere on their website.. We price TorGuard VPN at 6.5/10 in the group of paid VPN suppliers.