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HideMyAss is possessed by United Kingdom (London) centered Privax Ltd. The company has been registered for over three years now and statements (on its LinkedIn page) to have over 10 million unique website visitors every month and above 150,000 active paying subscribers. Having a workforce of no more than 50 individuals, Privax Ltd doesn't have a different site and appears to focus entirely on providing seclusion and security


The physical place of the business is 7 Moor St, London, London W1D5NB, Great Britain - http://Wordpress.org/search/Britain .

But HMA seems to consider that no one cares about anything else but support quality; and it is fine to are unsuccessful on other perimeters so long as service quality stays unparalleled.
Unique Selling Proposal

It's probably the sole characteristic that allows HideMyAss to stand happy and tall in the VPN industry.
Strategies and Pricing

HideMyAss offers three pricing plans:

HideMyAss pricing plans

All these are undiscounted costs (even though the crossed out original prices suggest otherwise) that remain active in the HideMyAss web site throughout the entire year. HideMyAss seldom brings out any major discounts for customers - amounts when you visit the thus don't expect any big changes in the internet site

Private Internet Access
Bulk Customers

HideMyAss does not have any special prices quoted for corporate customers. Corporate customers can get a specific estimate request form by clicking on' Business and bulk account customer? Enquire here' found beneath the pricing strategy display for frequent HideMyAss customers.

HideMyAss asks for your name, email address, business organization name as well as how many computers on which you want to operate (in addition to any additional comments you might have).

Bulk/Company customers are offered price reductions based on the number of accounts they would like to buy and also the time length for which the VPN accounts are needed. However, HideMyAss needs bulk customers to buy at least 5 accounts (or 10 connections) before the particular reductions can be utilized.

HideMyAss has a separate tab on your home page totting 'Servers'. Not a great deal of VPN support providers may do that, but HideMyAss does it with satisfaction. I'm discussing 537 VPN servers spread-out across in 129 locations in 63 countries. That gives HideMyAss the capability to make 65197 IP addresses readily available for its VPN users.

An extremely sizeable concentration of HideMyAss's hosts is placed in America. In case you liked this information as well as you desire to receive more info about ​HideMyAss - https://svn.salzburgresearch.at/trac/snml-interedu/ticket/50 generously pay a visit to the webpage. The second-largest concentration of HideMyAss's hosts is found in European states, followed by server counts in the UK area as well as the United States/ Canadian regions - http://www.wonderhowto.com/search/Canadian+regions/ .

The server locator on the site is rather nifty but I somehow believe that it might have been better if a host-load distribution rather than a simple list had been offered by HideMyAss boasting the server count. I previously realize that HideMyAss offers OpenVPN, PPTP and Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol on all servers - and I am really impressed with all the IP count listing as well, but all of that info is worthless for me if I don't understand how much load which host is currently encounter. All that jazz does not really add greater than a cursory utility to my user-experience.

Private Access To The Internet

Customer support could be obtained via the 'Contact' button found on top of the website. This HideMyAss review chose to put away the highly universal FAQ part on the web site and considered the interactive ends of HideMyAss's client support system as the ones that count. In this view, the VPN service provider uses a three pillared consumer support program:

- Email (Assistance Tickets)

- Live Chat

- Neighborhood (Forum)
E-Mail (Support Ticket)

I determined to analyze HMA's customer service with two tickets - both set within minutes of each other.

I've been utilizing VPN for a while now, but I enjoy - http://www.answers.com/topic/I+enjoy what you guys need to offer but I wanna know whether you guys offer split tunneling. Because I can't view it any of your screenshots or the pages on your website.

No response was obtained by me for my help ticket and I was more surprised than disappointed in the apparent neglect. I presumed my ticket would remain unattended and in the end go down the listing thus far that no sane individual would scroll down to look for open tickets that outdated. Boy was I wrong.

Little did I understand that HMA would answer to both my help tickets in a single answer.

My 2nd support ticket was started on Saturday, January 11, 2014 at 8:27 AM.

This is exactly what I wrote:

Your support newsgroup merely reveals directions on creating HMA VPN on X-BOX via ICS on Apple. I got a PC with MS XP, not a Mac.

The response came on a single day (which is excellent), at 06:03 PM (which isn't so fantastic). So zero factors for time!

The answer was quite detailed, and also the cherry on top was that HMA help decided to respond to BOTH my concerns in ONE SINGLE answer.

HideMyAss's Answer (I chose to repeat-paste a screenshot for credibility):

HMA Support

The answer quality was not so poor, but could have been better. And do not even remind me that HMA replied to both my queries in a single e-mail , I'd have ensured HMA got ethic - if there was a regulation on assistance ticket answer penalized Not joyful!!

Fine possibly the answer was fine should you think about the inquiry, but I can not appear to get my head round the fact that they left me to figure out that both my support tickets have been responded to in a single e-mail

The LEAST they might have completed was to signal a combination of both support tickets in the subject line! Seriously is it that hard!?
Live Chat

For all my readers who will not be fortunate enough to be upwards during the 1 2 hours when HideMyAss live chat support is available, I took the freedom of taking a screenshot of the way the HideMyAss live chat icon will look. When the live chat staff chooses to grace the stay website visitors using its approvals, you'll be able to see the following image in the low right corner of your display.

HMA Stay Support
Community (Newsgroup)

The HideMyAss Forum is very active with customers and customer support technicians changing knowledge each and every day. The highly busy Forum has taken on the kind of a branch of knowledge for new customers. This HideMyAss review gives full marks for excellent Newsgroup direction.

hidemyass community
Sign Up Process

The sign-up procedure starts with creating your account at HideMyAss. You'll land in the 'Account development' page no matter what subscription plan-you click on.

HMA Sign-Up Process

Once you have created your account along with your preferred user name and password, the next stage is to pick a payment plan as well as a payment approach.

HMA Payment Selection
Payment Approaches

HideMyAss provides four payment methods:

- Credit Card- Paypal

- Bitcoin- Banking & Wire Transfer

HideMyAss will give you the alternative to Automobile-Renew your subscription in the event you pick either 'Credit Card' or 'Paypal' as a payment process.

What's more, it merits highlighting that HideMyAss is maybe not a big one for expansion where payment strategies are related. The three traditional methods of 'Bank & Money Transfer' and 'Credit Card' have only -increased with all the most popular 'Paypal.com' choice as well as the newer 'Bitcoin' adding on in the recent times.

Based on which 1 of the four payment processes you opt to select, you will be forwarded by the HideMyAss site to the gateway for that payment system.