Missing Malaysia plane: Search area narrows

He also said there were systemic failures. But the court heard that Barclay had watched TV and tried to sleep on shift.
In court on Thursday, the judge said there were failures involving others at the jail. nThe judge took into consideration Barclay's genuine remorse and the level of stress felt by both Barclay and his family over the past six years,

Three men from Islington, aged 56, 34, and 32, have been detained on suspicion of attempted murder.
A woman, 31, has also been arrested on suspicion of handling stolen goods.
One of the victims remains in hospital in a "critical condition" while the injuries of the other two women, who are also in hospital, are not believed to be life-threatening. nAll four remain in police custody.

Locations where signals were detected As searching larger areas underwater can be a long and painstaking process, pinpointing a crash site by tracking the "pinger" signals remains a key objective of the hunt.

In 25 years as a firefighter I have never experienced a dust explosion. It is thought the blaze was started by a piece of overheating woodwork equipment Temporary Watch Manager Billy Webster said: "This was a very unusual incident.
"Because the embers entered the holding bags and the fire was burning sawdust it meant there was thick smoke logging in the building, which presented a challenge for firefighters."

Continue reading the main story Although the 37.5 kilohertz "pings" heard by Australian and Chinese ships between 5 and 8 April have not been confirmed as black box signals, they have allowed search teams to narrow their efforts.

The plans were approved at a meeting of North East Lincolnshire Council's cabinet.
The company said it intended to use the land to expand its Freshney Place shopping centre with a