Friv Games Review


FRIV offers dozens of free games -- which are generally good for children to play -- without plenty of popup ads or commercials. Site content is sparse; game names appear when you scroll over each image on the home page, but there'sn't considerably else to help guide you through the website. The games come from other suppliers, therefore quality and instructions might be irregular. But Friv appears to possess disabled any hyperlinks to additional games or other points on each and every offer, so kids should not finish up getting something entirely unsuitable after playing.

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There's lots to interest youngsters on the site with heaps of fun, free games without heaps of pop-up ads. But, the content is thin, with almost no text and tiny pictures for game links.

Learning Strategy

Some games contact on notions like math, logic, studying, time management, and goal-setting. But the lessons aren't illustrated nicely. It's frequently uncertain what is being trained or practiced, and kids won't walk-away with a lot of new knowledge.


Kids could reap the benefits of consistent and more illustrative educations and content explaining the games' aim. Now, there'sn't much to expand learning. Lessons aren't consistently clear, and there isn't much to direct you through the site.

It Is a really interesting site, I found it a while ago. There's also an a educational version called friv4school that I sometimes play at college. Additionally common sense media I'd like to add to the violence. I located a secret. It arises using a button with a moon, click onto it and they have brutal matches for adults and there will be late night games, therefore don't allow your kids play through the, should you go on at nighttime nighttime It Is really hard-to-find games on their web site, why can't they add an internet search bar or groups!? It needs to be improved. On the other hand, Interesting games, should add over 250. There Is plenty of secret matches on here. :)

Through the NIGHT TIME HOURS I have seen many disturbing games with this site including, but not restricted to; a game based entirely around mixing alcoholic beverages at a bar, taking in the personage of the bad "Cooking Mama" coated in blood that kills and then has to de-feather a turkey hanging on a hook while blood sprays outside, a farm match that contains the picture of some "environmentalists" one of which is a nudist guy (actually reveals his male part clearly) and a game having a naked hunter wearing nothing but socks and a foliage who walks past bare girl in an area wearing nothing but pasties and a leaf themselves.

Obviously not one of these matches are ideal for the youthful audience they attract throughout the day but they are still not suitable for even old children who might be enjoying late at nighttime so BEWARE SHOULD YOU LET YOUR KIDS PLAY LATE!!!!

There is a large assortment of games on here! It's really addicting, but difficult to browse and locate games. Some games are for little ones, and some for mature kids. There was one match I 100% looked down on, MAYBE NOT for children. It's called "Thingdom". I'd love to inform you where it's, but as I said, it is difficult to find games. "Thingdom" is a game where you strive to impress other "Issues" and mate together. You might have to first impress them by doing a mini game, then it shows them next to every other subsequently "shaking", then it clarifies how their genes were mixed. It isn't suitable for kids. Friv, you must create FrivJr and a Friv. Since it's so diverse, which can be nice AND bad it was difficult for me personally to opt for an age.

I agree with the other posts here.

It's a pain to navigate. I'd this favourite game, I liked to play it again and I really could NEVER locate it. There are other gamesites better than this. Girlsgogames, Kizi, etc. The late night games will also be authentic. Make sure your computer clock is correct.. These games are intended for adults.

However, Some of the games are very fun, and children are consistently playing this at school as other sport websites that now have social characteristics are actually obstructed.

CSM, please cease whining. Children get on the internet to escape from college. To Not find out more. You should look into this website more before creating a false review. There's even an academic variant called Friv4school.