VFX Producer

Category: Producer
Company: Double Negative
Location: London (United Kingdom)
Start Date: immediately

Job Description

Key Purpose of the Job

The Visual Effects Producer is at the heart of a production. They are required to manage all aspects of a show, typically involving: the initial visual effects breakdown and bid, planning and scheduling of facility resources, managing the visual effects team and monitoring their work during the post-production process. They will liaise with the client and manage this relationship.

Needs To Do

  • Bid work with the Visual Effects Supervisor
  • Plan and schedule facility resources with the Visual Effects Supervisor and Facility Resource Manager to create an effective approach to the visual effects work
  • Ensure the progression of work to the client’s satisfaction
  • Report the progress of work to the MD on a weekly basis
  • Report the progress of work to the client on a weekly basis
  • Plan the day to day work of their production team
  • Ensure all facility departments are aware of the production’s requirements, for example disk space and rendering

Needs To Know

  • Minimum of four years experience as a VFX Producer
  • MS Office; particularly Excel. An understanding of Project is also beneficial
  • Filemaker Pro or similar database package

Needs To Be

  • Proven in project management
  • Capable of motivating and leading a large team, with enthusiasm and clarity
  • Calm, organised and methodical in their approach to the work

If you would like to apply for this position, then please submit your cover letter and CV to [email protected]

Created on the 22-01-2014
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