Line Producer

Category: Producer
Company: Double Negative
Location: Singapore (Singapore)
Start Date: immediately

Job Description

Key Purpose of the Job

To provide and frequently adapt a detailed plan for the delivery of a project to the visual effects producer, supervisors and individual artists and liaising with the London office central schedule to ensure efficient allocation of Singapore based artists

Needs To Do

  • Responsible for the company schedule in Singapore, working with central scheduling, producers and department heads in London and Singapore to allocate crew
  • Forward planning and liaising with the central schedule in London to allocate crew in the future
  • Setting up regular cinesync/telephone conferences with London
  • Liaising with supervisors and leads to coordinate work going in and out of the building
  • Working with HR, department heads and supervisors in London and Singapore to identify recruitment needs
  • Ensure the visual effects team understand goals and deadlines running dailies and doing daily rounds
  • Work with the coordinators to ensure the actuals of what has happened on shots and tasks are recorded
  • Adapting the schedule to reflect the changing needs of the client and the company and to reflect the impact of how artists are actually doing based on info supplied by coordinators
  • Communicating the schedule to the artists
  • Sending deliverables to London

Needs To Know

  • Project management experience with MS Project or similar essential
  • Office, particularly Excel
  • Strong management skills
  • Experience of working as a producer within a production driven environment
  • Understanding of VFX processes
  • Excellent communication, analytical and problem solving skills

Needs To Be

  • Proven track record in project management
  • Skilled at quick analysis, problem solving and decision making in order to meet daily/weekly challenges with solutions as well as the capacity to see longer term strategic goals in terms of resourcing and demands of upcoming projects
  • Able to communicate effectively between offices internationally
  • Capable of organising and coordinating people
  • Capable of motivating and leading teams with enthusiasm
  • Calm, organised and methodical in approach to work able to remain so under pressure and when working to tight deadlines

To apply please email [email protected]

Created on the 21-10-2013
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