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Company: LIGA 01
Location: Munich (Germany)
Start Date: immediately

Job Description


The talented and accomplished team behind our growth driven company is searching for a skilled media production executive to serve as Head of Production for our Munich location.
This leadership position entails first and foremost the planning, coordination and over-all monitoring of the complete production process from start to finish.
As an excellent multi-tasker and active communicator, you run a tight and efficient operation including the initial training of new employees and the seamless integration of freelance operators on projects.
Your time management skills are above and beyond and you consider yourself exceptionally adept at project execution and planning. Together with our producing team you establish realistic timelines, schedule and manage the team effortlessly for multiple, simultaneous projects and are able to foresee the possibility of hurdles, calculating these in to expected deadlines while also remaining within required budgets.
You understand all phases of post production including but not limited to work on commercial campaigns, promos, re-brands, main titles and packages for our network clients.
In collaboration with our executive team you manage all production personnel and resources such as our unique and advanced Pipeline. Are capable of professional communication with our clients in order to meet the execution needs of all given projects and you have the skills for hands on producing.

We are looking for someone who wants to stay with us for the long haul and therefore the position comes with a very attractive salary package and the chance for advancement within the company.


Wow us with your portfolio showcasing your years of working experience as a 2D and/or 3D artist. Your CV should definitely back up your artistic expertise and includes your proven and solid background of project leadership skills.

Besides a clear understanding of operative functions of the production process, you are personable and outgoing.
You have an involved background working directly with clients of all executive levels and you know your way around the Advertising and Film world, preferably with International exposure.
Being a communicative team player is absolutely key however within the realms of your qualified experience; you also know when hard decisions need to fall even if these don´t necessarily fit into everyone’s ideas of what should be. The creative process and all its, shall we say … fine touches don´t scare you and not only are you well versed in these scenarios, you are well able to take the bull by the horns when things get heated.
As a working artist you are of course up to date with current Software packages including but not limited to: Maya, Nuke, XSI etc.

Last but not least, you can communicate in well in English, understand that this job requires variable hours of service and may occasionally require some domestic and international travel.

Created on the 05-09-2018
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