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Category: Other
Company: Modus FX
Location: Montreal (Canada)
Start Date: immediately

Job Description

Type of employment :

  • Permanent
  • Full time


Immediate supervisor

Lead Technical Director–Production


General description

The incumbent is responsible for the technical management of the production structure. He must design, create and develop the tools that will help to solve technical problems encountered on the production floor.


Requirements, prerequisites and assets:

  • Have a college diploma or university degree in 3D animation or computer science;
  • Must have minimum of one (1) to two (2) years' experience in cg production or postproduction, with an emphasis on scripting/programming;
  • knowledge of the Python language is required;
  • Knowledge of one of the following software is required : Softimage, Maya;
  • Have a knowledge of the programming techniques;
  • Sound knowledge of the process of tool development for Softimage, Nuke, Houdini and Maya is an asset;
  • Knowledge of Git, MySQL, Mongo, PyQT is a desirable asset;
  • Good spoken and written knowledge of English and French is required;

Principal responsibilities

  • Listen, identify, define and solve the technical problems;
  • Interact and determine with his immediate supervisor what the final result is to be delivered;
  • Assess and inform his superior of the difficulties and technical challenges that are anticipated to solve problems;
  • Identify the technical approaches to be used to solve bugs;
  • Create scripts to resolve production problems encountered;
  • Ensure the stability/standardization of the tool-sets and make the necessary corrections, if any;
  • Advise the production team as tools get created and updated for the floor, and provide/maintain documentation on its use;
  • Create automation tools to help the productivity of the artists on the floor;
  • Provide technical support to the production team;
  • Problem solve and support current tools on the floor;
  • Debug and improve the tools used;
  • Organize, manage and keep the programming files created up to date;
  • Work to optimize the techniques currently used;
  • Inform his supervisor on his progress of assigned workload/tasks;
  • Publish the approved/tested tools to the floor;
  • Participate in daily meetings;
  • Write a postmortem at the end of each project;
  • Perform other related duties as assigned by management.

Created on the 20-12-2013
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