Lead Animator

Category: Animator
Company: Modus FX
Location: Montreal (Canada)
Start Date: immediately

Job Description

Type of employment

  • Permanent
  • Full time
  • Contract

Immediat supervisor

Animation supervisor

General description

The incumbent is responsible for directing and managing the animation team while providing coaching and necessary training. As animator, he is responsible for creating, designing and developing a variety of animation sequences. He must do character animation, creatures, vehicles or objects so as to make everything very stylized and personalized. He may have to do traditional animation or photo-real.

Requirements, prerequisites and assets. The candidate :

  • Must have a college degree in visual arts or in 3D animation;
  • Must have at least five (5) years experience as an animator artist;
  • Has a very good knowledge of the following software: XSI, 3DS, Max and Maya;
  • Has a very good knowledge of animation techniques in relation to movement, volume, emotions etc.;
  • Has a very good knowledge of English or French spoken and written;
  • Demonstrates a strong ability to manage a work team;
  • Must be able to train and mentor his team members;

Responsabilities of the lead animator

  • Coordinate all activities of the animation department;
  • Develop and monitor the department’s production schedule;
  • Provide guidance to the animation department;
  • Collaborate in the assignment of tasks of the animators;
  • Make sure his team has all the appropriate tool to complete their work;
  • Draft specific documents of the department;
  • Write and update information documents for other departments;
  • Train, supervise and review work of the team of animators;
  • Act as the main technical resource for the team of animators;
  • Respond to questions of members of the team;
  • Act as primary technical interlocutor for the exchange between departments;
  • Be available to answer to questions from his team and other teams;
  • Anticipate, analyze and find solutions to potential and actual technical problems;
  • Participate actively to the selection of new employees;
  • Analyze, with the coordination, the planning time allocated to the project and the feasibility;
  • Revise the schedule submitted by the project manager and formulate recommendations;
  • Plan and establish priorities and development goals of the department;
  • Support and train new employees;
  • Inform the team of changes and new developments relating to projects;
  • Review all the scenes before they are rendered;
  • Submit all scenes for final approval;
  • Prepare guidelines and instructions to be followed by the team;
  • Obtain and disseminate to the team all information relating to the schedule and project’s delivery;
  • Provide feedback to each artist's performance;
  • Enter all available information in Filemaker;
  • Help keep consistency, continuity and quality between scenes developed;

Principal animator responsabilities

  • Be aware of the nature of the project before beginning it;
  • Search the best means of achievement to develop animations;
  • Search techniques and references in animation;
  • Make different trials to find the animation style desired;
  • Check and make tests on rigs obtained;
  • Exchange and decide with his supervisor on the final result to be obtained;
  • Assess and inform his superior of technical difficulties and anticipated needs for the implementation of animations;
  • Perform all activities requested by including the necessary details to ensure the realism of the animations;
  • Animate characters, creatures, vehicles and objects according to the information obtained;
  • Respect the coherence and consistency of the animation from one image to another;
  • Integrate its sequence throughout the animation work realized;
  • Express an idea or an image from storyboard through animation movements;
  • Organize, manage and update animation files created;
  • Organize and update databases of animation references, editing, tools and accessories created;
  • Inform his Supervisor on work progress;
  • Publish all approved items in full compliance;

Created on the 09-11-2013
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