Frequently Asked Questions

Any problems with using We hope the following FAQ help you with solving them! If you can not find an answer which helps you with your problem just get directly in contact with us. We will try to help you as fast as possible!
Account (5)

Importing data from LinkedIn is the fastest way to fill your profile.

If you are a fresh registered user, the LinkedIn-Importer will directly be accessible after you logged in your account. You just have to click on "LinkedIn-Importer". For other users, it can be found under "Edit Profile" and then you will see the LinkedIn-Importer in the top right corner.

When you are using the importer the first time, you have to approve our site first with LinkedIn. This process is very easy and fast and our system will guide you through this process.

After you approved, or when we were already approved before, you will see a list of check boxes, which lets you decide which information you want to import. But be aware that everything you already have entered before, will be overwritten by the data you import from linkedIn. After you selected what you want to import, you can simply press the "Import" button. We will then import all the information from LinkedIn and copy them into your "Profile". You can then check if everything got imported correctly and also

That depends on your "Privacy Settings". You can choose who can see your profile and who not.

You can change the "Privacy Settings" when you are log-in your account, and then select "Privacy Settings" under "My Account", in the menu on the right side.

The settings you can choose:

  • Guests (all not registered users)
  • Artists (all registered and logged in Artists)
  • Recruiters (all registered and logged in Recruiters)
  • Recruiters you applied for a job

It is possible to select none (is the same like setting the status to "not visible"), one or multiple types of users.

First you have to log-in your account. On the "My Account" page, in the menu on the right side, you can select "Account Settings" under "My Account". Here you can select a picture by pressing "Browse". After pressing the "Save" button, the picture will get uploaded and resized.

It is also possible to import your profile-picture with our LinkedIn-Importer.

First you have to log-in your account. Then on the "My Account" page, in the menu on the right side, you can select "Account Settings" under "My Account". On the bottom of this page, you will find a link called "Delete Account". If you click on there, your Account gets deleted.

First you have to log-in your account. Then on the "My Account" page, in the menu on the right side, you can select "Account Settings" under "Action“. When you click on there, you can change your password.

Job (5)

When somebody exactly full fills the requirements he matches a job to 100%.

If he has additionally any "nice to have" features, a higher rating or more years of experience then required, he gets additional percentage-points. This takes him then apart from other less experienced artists. How exactly the calculation gets explained under "How does the matching-percent-number gets calculated that I see?"

If you want, we will inform you about new jobs that get posted. To activate the alerts you just have to log-in your account and then on the "My Account" page you can select "My Job Alerts" in the menu on the right side.

On this page, you can activate them by checking the check box "Receive Job Alerts"

If you just check the check box and press "save", we will inform you about all new posted jobs to which you match to at least 100%.

Additionally you can also define different keywords. We will then also inform you when new jobs get posted which have any of the given keyword in the job-title.

To just get informed, when you match to a job to 100% and the keyword is in the job-title, you also additionally have to check the check box in front of "Inform me only when keywords AND knowledge is matching. If not selected, we will inform you when keywords OR skills are matching".

There are many possibilities. You can use one or a combination of the following:

  • Set-up the alerts. We send you an email when a new matching job got posted
  • Visit regularly
  • Follow us on Twitter. New jobs get automatically posted there
  • Become a friend on Facebook. New jobs also get automatically posted there
  • Subscribe to our RSS-Feed Subscribe to new jobs on

The recruiters can choose if the requirements should get displayed for artists or not. Depending on their selection we will display you the complete requirements, none or they will just get used in the percent-calculation.

When an artist exactly full fills the requirements he matches to exactly 100%. To honor people with more experience and any of the provided "nice to have" features they can earn even more percent-points. It works like that:

  • When Artist exactly full fills everything he has 100%
  • If he fulfills any of the "Nice to have" features, he gets +5% for each of them
  • For every additional Rating-Point, he receives +1%
  • For every additional year of experience, he receives +2%
Gallery (1)

You can create as many Galleries and upload as many images to them as you want.

General (1)

Everything we ask and display is what recruiters want to know when they consider somebody for a job. So to increase your chance of getting a job, it is good to provide as much information as possible.

Video (7)

The maximum file size is 600 MB. The complete Showreel-Guideline you can find under "How should I create my Showreel?"

All Showreels can be maximum 5 minutes long and 600 MB big. Longer and larger reels are not allowed, so stay underneath that.

On it is possible to upload also HD-Reels. To have the maximum possible quality, you should use the following settings:

  • Bandwidth max: 5 Mbit
  • Resolution: max. 1920x1080 or 1280x720
  • Frames per Second:24/25/30

The maximum length of a Showreel is 5 minutes. The complete Showreel-Guideline you can find under "How should I create my Showreel?"

When logged in, you just have to select "Add Showreel" in the menu "Showreel".

Ever artist can decide by himself which of his showreels can get rated and which ones not.

When you are logged in, you can see on your "Account Page" all your Showreels. Just click on the one you want to delete. On the bottom of that page, press „Delete“. Your Showreel will then be deleted.

You can upload as many Showreels as you want, but each of them has to be under 5 minutes. For more information look under „Showreel Guidlines“