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Profile picture Prathap Karunakaran
Mumbai Area (India)
Profile picture danielbinder
Berlin (Germany)
3d generalist
Profile picture Rafael Falconi
Rio de Janeiro / Brazil (Brazil)
Concept Artist / Digital Matte Painter
Full-time freelancer working remotely for Film, Television, Advertising and Games Industry.
Profile picture Pedro León
Algeciras (Spain)
Photographer & CG Junior Artist.
Profile picture Ivan Vasiljevic
Serbia (Serbia)
Lighting TD
Showcase of my work im previous 3 years:
Profile picture Giacomo Matteucci
I've made my LinkedIn profile visual! Check it out and get yours!
Profile picture asif ali
Noida Area
Fx artist and compositor
Profile picture peter nemec
London, Europe (Germany)
Vfx Supervisor / Senior Flame Artist
Peter went to school of marketing and art, studying history of art, typography, graphic’s. Went on and made his mum happy and then of course commercials came calling, he made about a zillion commercials and won some things. Then Peter meet his f...