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Profile picture Ken Lim
Singapore (Singapore)
Lookdev and Texture Artist
Profile picture Bernard Ionescu
Montreal (Canada)
Art | Creative Director
Profile picture Marvin Zegarra
Lima (Peru)
Editor | VFX Artist
Profile picture Sherzod Bekchanov
VFX Compositor and Videographer
Profile picture Matthew Cyphus
York (United Kingdom)
Attended Escape studios
Profile picture Seita Ohama
Greater San Diego Area (United States)
Freelance Artist
Profile picture Rim A-J
Social Media Intern
Profile picture smullot
Paris (France)
I'm a french VFX Artist and TD. In my curriculum I learnt to adapt quickly and to mix arts and technics. I worked as VFX Artist on video-mapping shows as well as pipeline TD and programmer. I have skills in VFX, 3D and compositing softwares and al...
Profile picture Sebastián Anguiano Sánchez
Ciudad López Mateos Area
3D Modeler en Freelance