About Us

Showreel.tv wants to give everybody the possibility to create a complete online portfolio for free. These can then easily get shared and directly used to apply for jobs. So finally the times of filling long application forms for each and every job and company are finally over. Additionally recruiters can directly search profiles and contact artists which currently look for work and are matching best to their requirements. This means artists do not have to apply for a job to get considered for it.

Because also the privacy of our users is extremely important for us, each artist can decide for whom his whole profile and different information are visible for. So nobody who is not allowed to see the profile or information can access them.

To never miss a job, you can also set up alerts. This automatically informs you by email when a new job gets posted which fits your profile and/or keywords you have defined. So you never miss interesting jobs any more! We also match directly the job requirements with your profile and display you directly how well you fit the job in percent. So you can see on one look if the is interesting for you or not.

So now in short points what we offer:

  • Creation of complete online portfolio
  • Direct import from LinkedIn for fast and easy profile creation
  • Apply easily for new jobs without filling long forms
  • See directly how you match for a job
  • Do not miss any jobs any more with alerts, Twitter, Facebook and RSS-Feed
  • Get job offers directly from companies
  • Discuss with other users

And all that TOTALLY FREE!

If you have any suggestions, how we can improve our site even more, please do not hesitate and get in contact with us! You can directly use our feedback page. We already have many more ideas for features which we want to add in the future. So sign up for our newsletter, to stay informed!